A Dedicate Platform For Carrier, Shippers, Broker and 3PL

We also specialise in Custom Dispatch Software with DriverAPP and Accounting Module

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AI Dashcam

Harsh Braking

Harsh Acceleration

Over Speeding


Collision Detection



Camera Covered

Eyes Closing

Phone Calling

Fatigue Detection

Assign Tasks

Add tasks like check calls to shipments

Track Empty Miles

Track empty and loaded miles for trips


Handle USD or CAD seamlessly between customers and orders

Fuel Deductions

Store driver fuel cards for automated deductions

Invoice & Billing

Manage, consolidate & send invoices and bills

Quote History

Rate with conficence using past lane data


Split pickups & deliveries into multiple shipments

Carrier Onboarding

Verify new partner carriers before hiring

Customer Track & Trace

Share real-time order updates digitally

Driver Settlement

Generate statements on your pay periods

Internal LoadBoard

Keep an eye on Loads that are on the move


With customers, partners or teams

GPS Tracker

Live Location of Trailer

Accurate Driver Stops

Route Replay


Driver App

Driver Live Location

Live Load Updates


BOL/POD Upload

Track Your Company Fleets
with Our Premiere Tracking Software and GPS Trackers

Why Oneview Fleet Systems?

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Why Oneview Fleet Systems?

All in One

All in one platform for carrier operations here.

Why Oneview Fleet Systems?

Cost Effective

Bundle of services in affordable pricing.

Why Oneview Fleet Systems?

Reliable Team

Rely on us for your ease in operations.

Why Oneview Fleet Systems?

User Friendly

Easy to operate for new operators.


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