Safety and compliance are big issues in today's world. If a person's safety is not a concern, then their compliance with the law might be an issue. One View has made it their mission to bring these two together in one easy service that can help drivers improve their driving behaviour and reduce their risk of getting points on their license or vehicle inspections

Ease in Vehicle Inspection

It has been designed to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information on how to maintain a safe vehicle. It gathers data from other online sources in order to maintain accuracy of information. It also comes with a number of pre-built templates with specific steps that can be followed in order to conduct a successful inspection.

Driving Scorecard

One View records behavior of drivers while they drive such as mobile usage, harsh brakes, hard corners, distracting and many more. It generates the scorecard for driver and make it easier for fleet manager to rectify the drivers according to ratings and manners.